Arrival Time

Please arrive on time for your appointment, but be aware than if you arrive early I may still be treating a previous client and access may not be possible.

If you arrive late, your treatment time will be reduced accordingly, as there may be a client booked in after you.

Failure to arrive within 20 minutes of your scheduled appointment time will result in the appointment being cancelled, and payment in full being due.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations or changes to appointments can be made up to 48 hours in advance.

Cancellations or changes made between 24-48 hours of your appointment time will result in a 50% payment charge.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full. Changes to appointment times are subject to availability and at the discretion of The Wellness Garden.

Payments for cancelled, or missed appointments, will be automatically billed from your account using the payment card you registered at the time of booking, or will be invoiced and due within 7 days.

On very rare occasions, The Wellness Garden may cancel appointments with no reason necessary or if the therapist is ill – in the unlikely event that this happens, a new appointment time will be offered.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards can be used for full, or part payment towards any goods or services offered by The Wellness Garden.

Gift Cards are valid for one use only and must be presented prior to the treatment being given.

A physical Gift Card must be presented – photocopies, scans or online images will not be accepted.

If a Gift Card is lost or stolen, a new one will not be issued.

Gift Cards are valid for 12 months following the date of purchase. The expiry date will be clearly marked on your Gift Card.

If a Gift Card is used for a treatment of a lesser value, no refund of the difference will be offered.

Gift Cards are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

If a gift card for a specific treatment is purchased and The Wellness Garden subsequently stops offering that treatment, the value of the gift card is transferrable to any other treatment offered.

Gift cards for a specific treatment, rather than a set value, can be used towards the value of a different treatment at the discretion of The Wellness Garden.

Treatment Policy

Your treatment will take place during the agreed time.

There will be a short consultation period prior to any treatment with a new client, to discuss your session.

Client Agreement

As a client of The Wellness Garden, you understand that your therapist does not diagnose illness, disease or any physical or mental disorder, nor do they prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals.

You acknowledge that massage therapy is not a substitute for medical examination or diagnosis, and it is recommended that a physician be seen for that service.

It is your choice to receive a facial treatment or therapeutic massage as a form of therapy.

You understand that if at any time you feel pain or discomfort during the session, you will immediately inform your therapist so they adjust.

You have stated your medical conditions to the best of your knowledge and will update The Wellness Garden if there are any changes in your health status.

You understand that your failure to do so may pose a threat to your health and/physical wellbeing and you hold The Wellness Garden and your therapist free from any liability whatsoever arising from failure on your part to disclose such information.