Many of us spend all day on our feet, yet we rarely look after then or treat them with as much TLC as our hands, or indeed, the rest of our body. The ‘Light as Air’ foot treatment is perfect for tired or underloved feet!

Light as Air 

You’ll begin with a soothing foot bath containing Epsom salts and eucalyptus to cleanse and stimulate the feet, encouraging blood flow and prompting the release of toxins. After a gentle towelling off, your feet will be treated to an invigorating salt foot scrub to remove any dead skin cells. Both your feet and calves will be massaged with a rich, moisturising foot balm to improve circulation and help to reduce any fluid retention.

*I’ve seen it all! Please don’t worry about hard skin, overgrown toenails, hairy toes, feet or legs, or even missing toenails (these are extremely common, particularly for runners). If you have verrucas or athletes foot though, I will be unable to treat you due to the contagious nature of these conditions. Thank you for your understanding.

30 minutes £35

Regular footcare promotion

Enjoy a £10% discount for a pre-paid block of 5 footcare treatments. (Must be booked and paid for in person)