The Wellness Garden £25 gift voucher
The Wellness Garden £50 gift voucher
The Wellness Garden £100 gift voucher

Gift cards available

To purchase a gift card, please contact me.

As part of The Wellness Garden’s effort to limit plastic use wherever possible, gifts cards are supplied on biodegrable PVC resin that can biodegrade in 1 to 5 years – the best part though is that they look just like traditional plastic cards, meaning they still make a great, tangible gift, but don’t have a negative impact on the environment!

Gift Cards - click for terms & conditions

  • Gift Cards can be used for full, or part payment towards any goods or services offered by The Wellness Garden
  • Gift Cards are valid for one use only and must be presented prior to the treatment being given
  • A physical Gift Card must be presented – photocopies, scans or online images will not be accepted
  • If a Gift Card is lost or stolen, a new one will not be issued
  • Gift Cards are valid for 12 months following the date of purchase
  • Gift Cards have no cash value. If a Gift Card is used for a treatment of a lesser value, no refund of the difference will be offered
  • Gift Cards are non-refundable and non-exchangeable

Wax melters and fragrances

I’m regularly asked about the lovely fragrances and wax melters clients see in the treatment studio. A small selection of these are below, or you can see the full range of wax burners, fragranced melts and much more by going to the online shop. If you are local and would like to smell a sample of any of these waxes, I have the full range available. Please just contact me to ask and we will arrange it.