Intimate waxing (Hollywood, Brazilian, Bikini) using Perron Rigot & Kim Lawless hot wax

I’m highly qualified and experienced in female intimate waxing, having been personally trained in Holywood and Brazilian bikini waxing by international trainer and waxer, Kim Lawless,- a.k.a. ‘ The Wax Queen.’

Kim is regarded as a leading authority on waxing in the UK and has appeared on GMTV, the BBC and in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire with her unique technique for female intimate waxing. Kim is dedicated to providing the highest standard of waxing and hygiene and is the only waxer/trainer who has developed her own unique techniques for Brazilian waxing.

What makes Kim Lawless waxing different? The method uses high-quality hot wax (not strip wax) for comfort – it’s better for your skin leaving it less sensitive and with less risk of ingrown hairs, it’s less painful and most importantly, it’s the method renowned for getting rid of all the bits that other waxers leave behind! The method of intimate bikini waxing is totally unique to Kim Lawless waxers and will remove hairs that you didn’t even know you had.

Once you have experieinced the Kim Lawless method you will never go back to any other style of waxing! 

To reduce any discomfort, The Wellness Garden uses only Kim Lawless wax, designed by The Wax Queen herself, or Perron Rigot hot wax – the cult beauty wax from Paris and the most superior wax available.

Hollywood and Brazilian Waxing

Will I have to get naked?

Hollywood / Brazilian 

You will need to remove your knickers but please don’t worry. I perform bikini waxes all the time and have seen it all before. There’s no need to worry if you are too hairy, hairy enough, oddly shaped etc – I can guarantee that whatever you look like, you’re perfectly normal!

Standard bikini

No, you will keep your knickers on and will be given a tissue to tuck into the sides to avoid any wax spillages.

High leg bikini

Yes, but your modesty will be covered as much as possible at all times. You will be given a tissue to cover the areas not being waxed. If you really don’t want to take your underwear off that’s ok, but to get a better result and to avoid getting wax everywhere, it’s really a lot easier to remove your knickers.

*Please note that I do not provide paper knickers. These only slow things down and they end up getting coverd in wax too – more importantly, they make it tricker to access the hair and don’t allow for the best possible wax.

Will I be put on all fours or in funny positions?

Hollywood / Brazilian 

Honestly, there’s no real way to get to all the hairs without putting you in some strange positions. I have been personally trained by the UK’s leading intimate waxer, Kim Lawless, meaning I can deliver the best possible results based on her unique method of intimate hair removal, but this does involve you being on all fours. Many women come to me specifically for the results that this brings, and it’s not uncommon for people to travel many miles to see a Kim Lawless waxer, but it you really don’t feel comfortable with it then I totally understand and there are other positions that can avoid this. These will still involve a number of techniques to reach the more difficult-to-access areas though and I may ask for your help to bend or lift your legs in certain positions. If you have any concerns please talk to me – I can guarantee they won’t be anything I haven’t heard before.

Standard bikini

No, we are only tidying up the sides so you will simply be asked to put your foot against the thigh of the opposite leg.

High leg bikini

No. This is much like a standard bikini, but you will need to remove your knickers to avoid getting wax everywhere and to get the best possible results.

Will either of us feel embarrassed?

I won’t as I do this all the time and there really is nothing I will see that I will find out of the ordinary. You might if you are new to waxing, but I hope you don’t as you really don’t need to. I’ll do everything possible to make you comfortable and relaxed and if you’re worried, or it’s your first intimate waxing, then please let me know and I will run you through exactly what to expect.

How much of me do you have to touch?

Hollywood / Brazilian 

There’s no getting around it, if you want everything off then I am going to have to touch you in order to get access to all the nooks and crannies. To keep your skin taught I will have to touch your labia and I will need to move them to the side to get to all the stray hairs lurking underneath. Please try not to worry about this, as I really won’t be and it’s honestly not that bad. If you have any concerns though, just let me know and I will try to put you at ease.

Standard bikini

I will only need to touch your leg to pull the skin taught so that your waxing doesn’t pull or hurt.

High leg bikini

Much like a standard bikini.

How painful is it?

All waxing

Well it’s not pain free… but it’s probably not anywhere near as bad as you think it will be. For intimate areas like the bikini I only use Kim Lawless or Perron Rigot warm wax that is removed without strips. This is kinder to the skin and more gentle as it pulls the hair out, but not the skin surrounding it. I honestly think a full leg wax hurts more.

*Try to avoid getting waxed on the first day of your period as things can be a little more sensitive around then, but hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy it is.

What if I am on my period?

You can have intimate waxing at any stage of your cycle, including while you are on your period. simply wear a tampon and we can place the string out of the way.

That said, being waxed on the first day of your period isn’t ideal as everything can be a little more sensitive then. If you are happy to go ahead though, then it’s absolutely fine to do so.


Completely bare! A thorough wax that removes every single hair from the back, front, inside and outside. It includes the butt crack, (optional), any noticeable hair on the buttocks, the inner and outer labia, pubic triangle, hair growing from the butt cheeks onto the back of the upper thigh and buttocks. Everything gone!!!!!!


The same as a Hollywood, but with a landing strip left down the middle. A thorough wax that removes every single hair from the back, front, inside and outside. It includes the butt crack, any noticeable hair on the buttocks, the inner and outer labia, pubic triangle, hair growing from the butt cheeks onto the back of the upper thigh and buttocks.



Standard bikini – hair is removed from the two side panels at the top of your thighs where the knicker line joins, going in narrow at the bottom, the top of pubic line is perfected & underneath just onto the butt cheeks are removed. You will have no visible hair when wearing a pair of standard knickers.

Extended bikini – goes in further at each side and you should be able to wear a high leg knicker with no pubic hair showing outside.