Sick of TV yet? Healthflix – the health equivalent of Netflix – has just launched!

Healthflix logo

There’s only so much television your can watch before your shoulders start seizing, your neck gets stiff, your mind switches off and you start to feel just a little bit guilty.

As social isolation continues, and as we all begin to accept that this could be the new normal for a while yet, it’s impossible not to grow increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining our health and physical fitness.

Awareness is the easy part though. Actually doing something about it is a little tougher.

Introducing … Healthflix!

With a logo making it look like a real life superhero (am I the only one that thinks the blue ring around the heart is like something you would see if Superman had just circled the globe?…) Healthflix, a free health video streaming service, has just launched to help people try to keep fit and healthy while our world has been turned upside down by social isolation.

Healthflix features online health classes and streamable interviews with key figures, such as chair of the College of Medicine, Dr Michael Dixon, Ruby Wax and Stephen Porges.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s worth giving this superhero-superservice a shot.

To keep up-to-date with the latest videos, and to view streamable content, visit the healthflix website.