Cranleigh waxing – legs, arms, back, chest, face

Legs, arms, back and chest waxing is done using the traditional strip waxing method to deliver the smoothest results while still being kind to your skin.

Based in Ewhurst, near Cranleigh, I use superior grade strip wax to deliver a simple solution that is super thin and flexible and works at a low melting point to give the gentlest strip wax possible. I never ‘double-dip’ a spatula! – an important point to make as it’s surprising how many professional salons still do this.

Delicate areas including the face and underarms are waxed using Kim Lawless or Perron Rigot hot wax.

If you would prefer, Perron Rigot hot wax is also available on request for the rest of the body for a £5 – £10 supplement per body part. (Must be requested prior to your appointment.)


All waxers class how legs are divided up differently. At The Wellness Garden, the following applies:

1/2 leg: Everything from the toe, up to and including the knee

3/4 leg: Included half of the thigh, to the level you could comfortably wear a short skirt

Full leg: The toe up to approximate an inch before the knicker line.*

*Please note that if you would like your wax to include everything right up to the knicker line, you will need to book a combined leg and bikini wax.



Standard bikini – hair is removed from the two side panels at the top of your thighs where the knicker line joins, going in narrow at the bottom, the top of pubic line is perfected & underneath just onto the butt cheeks are removed. You will have no visible hair when wearing a pair of standard knickers.

Extended bikini – goes in further at each side and you should be able to wear a high leg knicker with no pubic hair showing outside.

Hollywood and Brazilian Waxing